Euca is a small family-owned design studio that consists of an Architect, Designer and our two little ones. Our studio is nestled amongst the Mountain Ash trees in Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria.
When we aren't in the Studio, we can often be found exploring the forest scenery and hiking the endless mountain trails that surround us, always on the lookout for fresh inspiration.  
As a family, we are minimalists at heart and we believe in superior, well designed pieces that will pass the test of time. Our technical design skills, combined with our love of all things nature, is what sets us apart.
We have a passion for photography and our work is often inspired by the images we have captured over the years. We use these images to bring our products to life and to give them greater meaning. Our hope is simply to inspire future generations to be at one with nature. To encourage our children to slow down, to take the time to play, to build, to create. To take the time to imagine what 'could'  be. 


To help facilitate this connection, we purposely design open ended resources that capture the unique colour, the varying textures and all the complexities that come together to create this beautiful land. We believe children need very little in the way of toys and need very much in the way of creative encouragement. We also believe our toys will allow your child to create a life just as they imagine, generation after generation.