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Grab, explore, sort, and discover!


Little hands are immediately drawn to the six vibrant, textured, rubbery, tethered shapes.


Explore their contours, give them a squeeze, and feel their textures - Made of 100% food-grade silicone, these shapes are wonderfully safe and durable!


Then - Ready to start sorting?


The cutout spaces of the cube each only match one of the rubbery tethered shapes.


Fit the square into the square, the circle into the circle, the oval into the oval, the triangle into the triangle - Little smiles light up bright with each shape that slides perfectly into place!

Fun to feel, beautiful to admire, and amazingly durable so you never lose a single shape, the OombeeCube truly is early tactile learning perfected.



Shape-sorting cube with 6 rubbery shapes tethered to its corners

Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile exploration, visual-spatial skills

An innovative approach to classic shape-sorting fun

Shapes are rubbery, textured, squishy - Made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone

Shapes each slide smoothly and snugly into their respective slots

Shapes are tethered to each corner with extra thick, strong, and secure string - Never lose a single shape!

Strings are short enough to be exceptionally safe, long enough for little hands to grab and explore freely

Shapes include triangle, square, oval, circle, pentagon, double circle

High-quality design and materials, built for lasting durability and safety