Toy Boat Ancient Wooden Canoe

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Not Just a Toy Boat! This exciting hand-crafted wooden resources is one of the best open-ended toys out there! It is sure to bring much joy to children! It’s play uses is only limited by the imagination of a child which is limitless.

Here are just a few ways the “Not Just a Toy Boat” open-ended resource can be played with:

– Unsinkable Canoe in bath, lake or river. This wood crafted resource resembles ancient canoes that have been hand carved out of timber. Made from sustainable approved pine timber. It has a simple, yet efficient design that is unsinkable. It is perfect for open-ended outdoor play in a flowing stream or still lake.

– The best beach play ever! Pop it in your beach toy bag and always take it with you for many beach voyages! Also makes a great toy Surf board – surfs up!

– Sand-scoop/ water scoop – perfect and large and deep enough to scoop sand and water!

– Small-world play – add your fav wooden people and set off on a voyage or adventure of a lifetime

– Treasure collector – use it to collect natural treasures such as pine cones, rocks, shells

This wooden toy boat can also handle cargo such as natural found treasures such as small pebbles, sticks, gumnuts or other favourite characters ready to head on an exploration sea voyage adventure!

There really are no boundaries!