Whale Size Chart A3

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A stunning collection of eight majestic whales arranged in size order!

Featuring the much loved Blue whale, Southern Right whale, Sperm whale (Cachalot), Gray whale, Orca (killer whale), Cuvier’s beaked whale, Beluga and the ‘unicorn of the sea’ the Narwhal!


You will receive an ultra-high resolution fine art print featuring 8 original whale illustrations. Each has been carefully hand drawn and delicately painted in watercolour paint, capturing scientific accuracy and, most of all, its natural beauty.


These nature learning guides have been created for:
🌿 nature lovers 🌿 school classrooms 🌿 preschools 🌿 kindergartens 🌿 homeschool rooms 🌿 Montessori educators 🌿 Charlotte Mason educators 🌿 Waldorf / Steiner educators 🌿 home toy rooms 🌿 playrooms 🌿 nursery’s 🌿 bedrooms

This is Natural Art Guides original artwork – hand-painted with watercolors – and printed with vibrant colours onto a lovely 250gsm silk coated art paper.